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References for outrigger systems:

Outrigger System of the CK60 Series with the AHC45 Hydraulic Unit

At the end of 2012, the first outrigger system of the new CK60 series with the AHC45 hydraulic unit and the AtlasCopco MB1000 hydraulic hammer was made and handed over. It is designed for work in the heavy conditions of the ore treatment plant. It is located on a concrete foundation and controlled from a portable electronic control panel. In combination with the AHC45 hydraulic unit and the AtlasCopco MB1000 hydraulic hammer, it forms a balanced and very powerful working unit for loosening large pieces. The DPP hydraulic system guarantees precise settings of hydraulic parameters of the entire equipment. At the same time, it allows for decreasing the energy demands of the outrigger system.

Basic Parameters of the CK60 Outrigger System:
Outrigger system weight without the hammer 5,850 kg
Outrigger length 3.3 m
Stick length 2.5 m
Working equipment slewing range 170°
Perpendicular hammer reach 6 m

CK 60

Basic Parameters of the AHC45 Hydraulic Unit:
Unit weight 950 kg
Installed power 45 kW
Max. pressure 300 bar
Automatic oil cooling
Manual oil heating
Powerful oil filtering
Oil tank capacity 460 l


Relocation of RK03 for Ceskomoravsky sterk, a.s., Lulec Plant

For the end of 2011, relocation of RK03 (an outrigger system with a hydraulic hammer) to the new position above the material transport path was planned. A suspension bracket was made for the new location, to which the actual equipment is fastened and it also forms the base for auxiliary walkways.



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