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Outrigger systems

Nowadays the work in stone quarries is largely automated and generally operates without the intervention of an operator. The only places where there still exists the need for manpower are the areas of the hopper and the primary crusher.  Operation in these areas is very often exposed to great danger during the process of loosening oversized or stuck stones.

The installation of our outrigger system allows for safe and efficient clearing of the delivery ways and for the separation of oversized pieces. The common solution of securing oversized pieces by cable or by using loosening hooks on cranes above the crusher does not provide for quick and safe resolutions of the dangerous situation.  It is important to understand how quickly the outrigger system is able to resolve the issues regarding the crusher and oversize or stuck stones in keeping the production flowing.  Our experience has shown that by using our outrigger system you can realize up to a 50% reduction in downtime and an increase in production by 10-12%

Basic division by types

The graph shows the outrigger systems according to usage, size of hammer and the size of the crusher. The size of the hammer is arranged by its impact power and energy.  The size of the crusher is determined from the installed capacity of the electric motor.


Basic scope of the various series

The graph, for orientation purposes, shows the sizes of the individual outrigger systems. According to the dimensions of the outrigger system we can determine what size equipment will be needed for the work.  The customized workspace hammer should be in range with the vertical hammer.

           Series S - L - M - C                                       Series HR - GR - GRX 



For Preliminary Design (First Draft) of the Boom System try to use our






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