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BFBT, s.r.o. was established in 2010 as a design firm focusing on construction machinery and various other special facilities for that type of machinery.  It was founded by a group of designers who until then served as the solid foundation for the development of the company Davon.  For Davon, from its inception in 1994, this group designed vast majority of its devises.  The goal of this new company is to continue with the development and the production of new and specialized machines and equipment based on the needs of our customers.

The foundation of our strong development team is the deployment of the leading CAD system AutoCAD and Inventor in versions 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Our strong business management system ensures precise processing of orders according to the specific requirements of our customers.  A very important part of our processes includes the retention of all specifications of the project so that the client is able to easily order replacement parts for the equipment if and when necessary.

Equipment for breaking-up and re-loading of raw materials

The main goal of the development and production of our company is to offer products and equipment with a high utility value.  The many years of experience in the design and implementation of orders from different areas and for various needs make it a strong reason that we are able to satisfy the needs of all of our customers.  Even though the company has focused its development mostly on construction and mining machinery, this narrower specialization is a crucial part of our production program.

Hydraulic excavators

They are divided into two groups.  Excavators for digging and shoveling and aggregate excavators for cranes used mainly for grabbing. They range in size according to the necessary maximum loads for usage and the size of the shovel. To that end we can offer excavators in the size most commonly used. For aggregate excavators we offer the sizes which are commonly utilized at most work sites. Both types of excavators can be the two jaw, poly, for timber or for other usages according to the material being loaded.


Outrigger systems or Boom breaking equipment

Another essential part of our company is the boom breaking system with hydraulic hammers for the loosening of stone in crushers and hoppers. The offering of this equipment is based on the maximum necessary loads and also on the specific size of hydraulic hammer.  An important role is also played by how the equipment is used and where it is placed.

Custom Drawing Creation

Trading BFBT s.r.o. offers customised drawing creation according to the client’s request. We offer preparation of documents using Autodesk programs, namely AutoCAD and Inventor, in variants 2010, 2011, and 2012, and furthermore the Microsoft Office suite.



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