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Motorized jaw grabs for wood

Polyp grabs are very robust.  Each jaw is controlled by an independent hydraulic cylinder and the jaws are able to grab irregular materials.  The jaws are a closed type and are suitable to transfer all types of bulk product. The strength of the material is ST52.3. Replaceable elements – cutting edges on the polyps - are made of HARDOX.  The jaws are stored in a special hardened protective cover with a longer life.  All pins are made of stainless steel, heated to a high temperature and subject to surface hardening. This connection is very resistant to shock and has outstanding durability. The hydraulic unit is stored inside the carrier. The grab is designed for hanging on the crane. The carrier has a socket for the connection of the power cord. The grab can be controlled either via cable or radio to the transmitting unit located in the cabin of a crane operator or a mobile control.

  MD 65-800 MD 85-1250 MD 65-5000
Area of jaws m2 0,8 1,25 5
Width of jaws mm 1390 1390 2500
Power requirement kW 11 15 15
Weight kg 1330 1870 3160
Capacity t 6,5 8,5 6,5
Max Length of timber t/m3 6 6 wood chips 
Time opening s 7 12 12 
Time closing s 12 19 19 
Clamping force kN 48,3 53,2 39,3 

Basic dimensions of grabs

A mm 1390  1390  2500 
B mm 2410  2585  3245 
C mm 1303  1596  2427 
D mm 2152  2152  2134 
E mm 2662  27586  3395 





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