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BFBT, s.r.o. offers the service of creation of designs for machinery processes and their cost/benefit work-up for easy  and informative results. The work can be presented in the form of tables, graphs or specially prepared and modified graphs using Office tools.

Calculation of the shovel excavator´s special working equipment parameters.

This application is used for the design of the special extension of the shovel excavator crawler. By using different figures, it is possible to get the final parameters of the hole equipment.

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Design of the hammer rate for boom systems BFBT.

This application is used for the preliminary design of the hydraulic hammer rate. After you enter input values ​​of the main parameters describing the crushing equipment and the crushed material, this application provides you the preliminary calculation of the hydraulic hammer. This calculation also sets up the main parameters for the following application “Investment Recovery when boom system BFBT is installed”.

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Investment Recovery when Boom System BFBT is installed.

The application solves the Initial Investment Return of the Boom System recovery. This is a theoretical calculation of the payback period with respect to the crushing line parameters, crushed material and the size of the hydraulic hammer.

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