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Series C

Series C is a compact series of outrigger systems from BFBT with power factor of 230 kNm. It has a massive frame with high mechanical strength.

The strength and robustness of the device places it into the category of outrigger systems for continuous use under difficult conditions.

Suggested usage

Stationary crusher with jaw crusher
Smaller cone shape crushers


CK solid frame with swivel bracket, boom stick, rotation of up to 170°
CR rotary frame, boom and stick, rotation range of 330°

Composition and operational advantages

Solid sturdy frame with anchoring to concrete base or steel base.
Swivel bracket and vertical studs reinforced, with the rotation range of up to 170°
Boom and stick are special strength welded steel
All fasteners (bolts, bushings) are high-strength steel with heat treatment for long life
Hydraulic distributor and its controls are from the same manufacturer - Sauer Danfoss
Hydraulic cylinders with high resistance for heavy-duty operating conditions
Hydraulic Hammer with appropriate recommended capacity and type according to the needs of the customer

Hydraulic unit with sufficient power for hydraulic hammer

CK47 CK60 CK69
CK73 CK89 CK102
CR60 CR69  CR74




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